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Ukraine is one of the most attractive holdovers on the European market for alternative energy sources, because it has the most fertile soils and resources in the world to increase grains and agricultural waste production volumes in times when consumption for light and heat is growing due the gas providing global crisis.

On the principles of environmental responsibility, BEIZ uses an integrative lead-up from agricultural production to providing of heat and clean energy through its own steel raw materials and modernized power capacity of solid biomass vessels VERNER a.s..

Agrocompany BEIZ is a west Ukrainian clean heat power biofuel solution provider with more than 5 years of experience in the industry. The main aim of BEIZ - with competition basis to specialize in corp/grains growing (wheat, rape, soybeans, oil seeds, maize, corn, feed raw materials) – was to construct an industrial-scale second generation biofuel production plant with an output of 1000 tons straw pellets per month intended for the European market. Crop-based biofuels are currently one of the “most feasible and widely available sources of renewable energy.

The advantages of straw pellet environmentally friendly product without chemical additives:

1) will be consumed as feedstuff (granuled biomass), as biofuel for boilers!

2) high caloric content and calorific value to 20MDzh / kg, what ensures it’s sustain and economically combustion and continuous burning (25KWt boiler heats 150kg straw pellets 1 week (7 days)), residual ash can be used like eco-fertilizer

3)  heating energy obtained from burning by 1 ton of straw pellets is approximately comparable to burning of = 1 ton brown coal / glossy coal, = 1.5 ton wood (felled timber), = 500 lt diesel fuel, = 500 m3 of conventional gas; price of 1ton straw pellets is less costly in 5,5 times than a 1m3 of gas in the Europe, however the quality of gas is rather poor.

For more detailed information about certificates, price, packaging, work conditions do not hesitate to contact us per E-mail or Telegram/Viber: info.beiz.llc@gmail.com, 00380676720037.

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